Would you like to practice aikido but don’t know how to start? Here is how we can help you.

Visit us and try a FREE adult class.

You don’t need any prior experience or ability. As long as you can get up off the couch you are ready to start practicing aikido. You just have to get off the couch and come to the dojo!

If you are thirteen or older, visit us on a Tuesday or Thursday evening for a Fundamentals Class from 6:00 to 7:00. (See here for children's classes)

All you need are comfortable clothes and a sense of adventure. All of our members have been just where you are now and are keen to welcome you to the exciting and rewarding world of aikido.

When you arrive at the dojo one of our experienced members will show you around, introduce you to some of the other members and give you a quick introduction to how the class runs. The Fundamentals Class starts with a light warm up, then you will be introduced to skills for falling and rolling safely on the mats, followed by solo movement exercises, and then partner with an experienced member to practice techniques at your pace.

This is the format of all the Fundamental Classes, which are usually where beginners start practicing but when you join you will have access to all of the week night classes and you can attend as often as you like. The place to start though is with your first class so book your free adults class now!