Aikido Auckland Seishinkan is proud to be Auckland’s direct link to the birthplace of aikido in Iwama, Japan. 

Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of aikido, lived in the village of Iwama from 1942, concentrating on developing aikido while farming the land and engaging in spiritual practice. In 1946, a local youth called Morihiro Saito began training with Ueshiba and would support him closely, both in training and daily life, until Ueshiba died in 1969. By then Saito was one of Ueshiba’s most senior and respected students and he became the senior instructor of the Iwama Dojo and custodian of the Aiki Shrine. Saito remained faithful to communicating Ueshiba’s teaching in Iwama and became a hugely influential teacher internationally. 

Our Chief Instructor, Alan Roberts, was an apprentice of Saito in Iwama from 1988 to 1993. Our dojo began when he returned to New Zealand in 1994, bringing Iwama aikido’s teaching to Auckland.

Iwama aikido emphasises developing strong fundamentals and then progressing to more fluid and dynamic practice. The curriculum is broad but always grounded in principles that are universally applicable, both empty handed and with weapons. 

Aikido Auckland Seishinkan is dedicated to communicating the techniques, principles and spirit of aikido to children, teens and adults as a tool for personal growth and development. Through traditional aikido practice, in an authentic atmosphere, we aim to provide our members with rewarding experiences and challenges within a safe and supportive community.

We offer focused classes for ages seven onward and from beginner to black belt and beyond, as well as in-depth workshops and intensive training programmes in our fully equipped dojo.

The atmosphere at Aikido Auckland Seishinkan is warm and welcoming with a strong emphasis on improvement and growth for everyone. We invite you to join us.