29 September - 6 October 2019 

  • Leave your everyday concerns behind and train aikido full-time for seven days
  • Enjoy the uchi-deshi experience of 100% concentration on your practice
  • Reap the rewards of sustained study
  • Share a unique experience with a small group of dedicated students

Auckland Seishinkan offers New Zealand’s only residential intensive programme modeled on the Japanese uchi-deshi system. Students live and train in the dojo full-time for seven days with a minimum of five hours of structured classes each day.

The Intensive is $450. Food costs are additional and shared amongst the participants.

Here are the guidelines for the Intensive.

This has proven to be a very powerful format for accelerating student’s growth in the art and as people. See what it can do for you!

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Previous participants say;

Having trained in Aikido for just over 20 years, and now attended 3 Intensives, if you are someone who is serious about your study of aikdo, I could not encourage you enough to attend an Intensive.

Alan Sensei expertly and clearly demonstrates his aikido knowledge, using both seriousness and humour when required. His understanding, integration and also application between taijutsu and weapon (i.e. using ken, jo, and tanto) movements are seamless. With the knowledge and experience, Alan Sensei brings together what at first appear to be random details, that over the week's training build to a cohesive whole, which gave me a greater understanding and appreciation of why aikido techniques are performed the way they are, and highlighted aspects in my aikido that I can improve upon.

Regardless of your experience in aikido I believe you will get a lot out of an Intensive, and also with lots more to take away to work on; as this has been my experience. These Intensives are truly a special and unique experience not to be missed, especially if you want a greater understanding of Aikido and also application in the use of weapons in Aikido. ~ James M, Christchurch

The Intensive was, for me, a paradigm shift. I have met Alan Roberts Sensei, on several occasions, over the last several years, and each time he has made a huge impact on me. This week long Intensive, however, was on another level. It’s only been a few weeks since the Intensive ended. However, the break from before, to now, is already beginning to show. I now walk differently. My map for navigating my training is different.. and I dust everything more often.

Not 40 hours of training progress, but more progress than in the last 8 years of training. I have a visceral and physical vocabulary to work with now. Working on what my other teachers had imparted, and I had been playing with only intellectually.

The dojo is light, beautiful, massive and inviting, including a well-appointed kitchen, showers, and comfortable sleeping arrangements for on the mat. Not at all the spartan arrangement I had imagined.
Would I do it again? Absolutely. And I intend to do. I can’t recommend this experience highly enough. It’s confronting, and illuminating, and over all too quickly. 
~ Ben E, Christchurch

The Intensive was an opportunity to seriously reassess my aikido and figure out what I need to develop to the next level. I found Roberts Sensei’s tutelage engaging, perceptive and accessible. He provided a coherent framework for approaching aikido that will enable me to make substantial improvement. 
~ Adam D, Wellington

Being immersed in a 24 hour aikido environment allowed me to not only develop my technique dramatically, but also some of the discoveries I made forced me to rethink my whole approach to aikido. It isn’t that my goals have changed, but that there may be a better path to achieving them. ~ Ben G, Christchurch

I highly recommend the Intensive and feel it is a potentially life changing experience. The experience of being immersed completely in Aikido, the monastic approach to living in the dojo without the  distraction of everyday life, is an experience that is hard to put into words. The effect however, is to have been given direction and focus in my approach to my Aikido training and to my life. ~ Tony L, Wellington

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