Children's Classes at Aikido Auckland

Aikido is a wonderful martial art for children. Aikido Auckland has specialised classes for 7 to 12 year olds aimed at introducing them to the movements and concepts of aikido, while developing more general physical skills of balance, coordination and agility; personal skills of attention, confidence and setting and achieving goals; and social skills of cooperation and mutual benefit.

Aikido’s  fluid movement, aimed at taking balance rather than kicking and punching, and the emphasis on moving yourself to safety, rather than fighting, encourages a calmer, more considered response to difficult situations. The class format encourages cooperation over competition. Much of the practice is done with a partner and the children learn that resisting one another gets them nowhere.

Aikido’s techniques begin by getting out of harms way, followed by upsetting the other person’s balance so that they fall down or can be immobilised. Children take turns at doing and receiving techniques so they literally get both sides of the story. Being able to fall safely is a major skill taught in aikido classes as well as being one of the most important skills for keeping yourself safe, bringing much more confidence to other physical activities too.

If you have a 7 to 12 year old who is interested in the children’s programme why not come for a visit. Children are very welcome to try a FREE class to see how they like aikido. All they need are comfortable clothes and clean feet, in shoes, to the door.

We're looking forward to meeting you so book your FREE class now!