Alan Roberts - Chief Instructor

6th Dan (Aikikai)

Alan Roberts is the Chief Instructor and founder of Aikido Auckland Seishinkan. He has trained in aikido for over 30 years.

Roberts studied with Morihiro Saito in Iwama between 1988 and 1993 and began teaching when he returned to New Zealand in 1994, bringing Iwama aikido to Auckland.

As well as leading the teaching at our dojo, Roberts is the technical director for Takemusu Aikido Canterbury and Aikido Budo Shanghai and teaches workshops throughout New Zealand and overseas.

Roberts sees aikido as a rewarding physical discipline that also provides opportunities to learn more about ourselves, challenge our limitations and grow as people.

Roberts has supplemented his practice of aikido with study in other martial arts, most prominently Cheng Hsin, Brazilian Jiujitsu and Takamura Ha Shindo Yoshin Ryu. He works as a practitioner of Hellerwork Structural Integration. These practices provide breadth and depth to his teaching of aikido.